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09 Mar 2017

Friday Grab Bag: Play by Post, Game Mastering Tips and Free Swag

Play by Post

Joel Priddy has advice for PbP and a recipe that it worth your reading time. Find a discussion of this blog post at G+.

Game Mastering

You can think about Angry GM’s attitude and writing style what you want but he knows how to break down game mastering. This article about the big picture is a must read. Feel free to skip the intro if you don’t like long-winded text.

Want to introduce new players to RPGs? Drunkens & Dragons have a YouTube video about Fluid Fundamentals with several tips. Ignore the drinking and burping, the content is good. I will post a summary of the video in a few days. The channel looks like it contains some gems. Check it out here.

Make Stuff

There is a free Markdown editor which creates PDFs in 5e style here. Only works reliably on Chrome. Brent Newhall made a Stone Age 5e with this tool.

Free Swag

Free audio books from Appendix N authors from Librivox.

Codex Dark from Gauntlet , a free issue of an indie zine. Horror themed.

Ruination (A SCRAWL dungeon), a dungeon generator for Ruins. PWYW.

RND issue 4, the make-your-own-adventure zine! Features towns, ruins, wilderness, and fresh air for your adventurers to explore. Great for solo role-playing and Game Masters. PWYW at drivethru or at gumroad. Physical copies + pdf and previous issues at I love this zine.