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03 Jan 2023

Jim Murphy: Run Your Games Simply

Here are some notes about Jim Murphy’s tips on Run your own RPG simply: What game system am I going to use? relates to the game world, not …
14 Nov 2022

Cairn RPG First Impressions

This is a reading mini-review of Cairn RPG by Yochai Gal. What Is Cairn RPG? Cairn is an old-school role-playing game. It’s not one of the …
06 Nov 2022

Mausritter First Impressions

I’ve played Mausritter (the German version) with my two children today. They are 10 and 6. I’ve played Tails of Equestria with them 2 years …
07 Aug 2021

Thoughts On “Sword Quest Micro Edition”

Sword Quest Micro Edition is a rules-lite game in the vein of the classic adventure fantasy games of the past. For USD $2.99 you’ll get a …
25 Jul 2021

Blog Revival

This blog has been on hold for almost 2 years. I’ve decided to switch careers and am now in a much better head-space. That’s why I’ve …