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04 Jan 2018

Friday Grab Bag: Tons of Games (Tiny Dungeon 2e, Simple Feng, Futurepunk, M20 Fifth)

Welcome to the first post in 2018!
I’m looking forward to new gaming material for this year. We already have some exciting new releases, e.g., Stars Without Number: Revised Edition, Tiny Dungeon 2e and some Deeds and Doers hacks.

Bookkeeping Notes: Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no extra cost to you. But please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them.

Old-School Gaming

The free one-page adventure The Siege of Felltree Ridge by Max Vanderheyden takes inspiration from the Dolmenwood setting and uses the beautiful Hexkit tiles.

Simple Feng (note: broken link) by Norbert G. Matausch is “a free, complete rules-lite game emulating the old Feng Shui rpg. Based on Ben Lehman’s Deeds and Doers rules.” 1

And that’s not enough! Norbert also created a cyberpunk/Shadowrun hack with the same engine: FUTUREPUNK (note: broken link). And he wrote a blog post with a sample character, + a fight.

The Phoenix Barony (S&W White Box) is now a free download.

The Phoenix Barony is a concise, campy, light hearted, fantasy adventure setting written to be easily digested and quickly put to use. The document contains enough information to inspire you and get you going…but not so much that it is unwieldy or will bore you to tears.

The product has two very positive reviews on DTRPG, so you might want to check it out.

Dusty Door by Shane Ward is a free adventure for Blueholme.

Lee Barber has some free OSR PDFs here: Lee’s OSR Files (note: broken link). You can find some games, maps, and other stuff.

And Kevin Crawford released Stars Without Number: Revised Edition, the second edition of the premier sci-fi OSR game. A free version is also available.

Dungeon World

Joe Banner released another (free) adventure: Bellicorn of Oldthorn.

Happenings in Christmas Village was a 25-day community collaboration of magical holiday joy for queer gamers. It includes several adventures for Dungeon World and also skins for Monsterhearts. Free download.

Session Zero Issue 4 - The Destroyer of Ages is available for $2.99. It is a dragon adventure.

One more? The Foulness That Came to Dunfell Township - A Wretched Dungeon World Starter by Oli Jeffry is a “Dungeon World adventure of Lovecraftian oozing and Cronenbergian body horror”.

You can find more useful links in the Dungeon World Newsletter: Dungeon World Newsletter Issue #21.

Rules-lite and Misc

M20 Fifth: Adamantine Edition - A microlite version of 5e D&D is a free 17-pages rules-lite game. You can find a print-friendly version and a character sheet here.

Here are 100 Side Quest Hooks for your gaming needs.

Mark Skinner has free gaming maps in his G+ collection: Free Gaming Maps - Talreich.

And here is a free summary of the brand new Tiny Dungeon 2e on four pages: Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition - Four Pages.

The file doesn’t really do a good job explaining all the workings of the system (read the full PDF for that) but is a perfect reference/refresher cheat sheet and explains everything you need to know.

The full game is available as a Tiny Dungeon 2e Player’s Guide for $9.99 (includes GM info) - or as a full game with micro settings for $19.99.

Are you interested in game design? Then this free online course could be for you: Game Design Concepts Course (via Rickard Elimää).

Solo Gaming

Here is a collection of free gaming books: Chronicles of Arborell (via Noah Stevens).

This blog post about Game Theory Chat: Random Generators sounds useful for solo gaming. The chaotic element of randomization brings a level of surprise and suspense to the gaming experience. With the lack of other players in solitaire mode, it becomes doubly important.

Garnett Elliot made a free solo adventure for Barbarians of Lemuria: Escape From Old Tokyo.

Kabuki Kaiser, the publisher behind solo OSR games like Ruins of the Undercity, has a shadow sale. All PDFs are marked down to $3 - timeframe unknown: Kabuki Kaiser Sale.


Enworld lists the 2017’s Highest Grossing English Language Tabletop Roleplaying Crowdfunding Campaigns. I find it interesting that some niche games could bring in so much money, e.g., Spire RPG by Grant Howitt (no. 26).

Crowdfunding Collection #62 by Jennifer F. includes every tabletop project started between 21.17 till 12.31.


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  1. Deeds and Doers is a Pay-What-You-Want nano game. It is straightforward and only uses a d6. ↩︎