Commencing my solo walkthrough to the Edge of the Empire Beginner Game, the first post is here.

Encounter 4: Command & Control

// The adventure assumes that you go to the spaceport to release the Krayt Fang from its docking clamps. Strangely, there is no information about the docking clamps prior that, so I guess the GM has to “railroad” the players a bit. Not my favorite way of doing things but for an introductory adventure it’s ok. So the PCs need to enter the spaceport which is of course guarded by security droids. When you walk up to the spaceport control facility, two security droids deny you access. // “Do the PCs try to talk their way through?” (Very Likely vs 6: 90%) Roll 62: Yes Pash: “We’re here on behalf of Trex, the captain of the Krayt Fang over at Landing Bay Aurek. His droid - “ he points at 41-Vex “wants to check some system controls.” // Not the best reason but at least a starting point.
// Deceit check vs. Droid’s discipline (1 challenge die): 1 success, 1 advantage Obviously, the droids are not programmed with great logical sub-routines so they let the PCs pass. Pash’s lie is convincing enough and the relief about getting through without a fight regains him 1 Strain. // The PCs enter a chamber with computer equipment and a large holo display. The person in charge is a human woman, Overseer Brynn. There are also some technicians an two security droids. At the moment, an Imperial shuttle is landing on Mos Shuuta. No one is paying attention to the characters. // “Do the PCs try to slice the terminal and release the Krayt Fang?” (Very Likely vs 6: 90%) Roll 73: Yes 41-Vex goes to one of the unoccupied consoles and begins to slice it.
// Computer skill check, difficulty 2 (Average): 2 successes, 1 advantage The arrival of the Imperials takes up all the attention of the technicians and Overseer Brynn. After logging into the console in no time, finding the right menu and entering a standard override code, 41-Vex easily releases the docking clamps for Landing Bay Aurek. Without anyone noticing, the PCs leave the chamber. Plus, the superb hacking job doesn’t leave a trace. // CF goes down to 5, good job! // The adventure lets the PCs level up now. // rolling Destiny Pool: 3 Light Side, 1 Dark Side

Encounter 5: Imperial Stormtroopers

// In this encounter, the heroes have to face off against a minion group of stormtroopers in the streets of Mos Shuuta. The lead trooper recognizes the PCs. There are two groups of troopers with 3 men each. // I’m shortening Initiative: the PCs just roll once and get 1 success, 2 advantages, the troopers have 4 advantages, so that means first PCs, then NPCs // “Do the PCs want to run away instead of facing the fight?” (Near Sure vs 5: 90%) Roll 21: Yes Pash shouts: “Let’s get away!” He dashes into one of the side alleys and beckons his companions to follow. The troopers immediately follow you. It won’t be easy to shake them off. // Let’s decide on a Skullduggery test to see how they escape: find good spots to hide, know the streets, hinder the stormtroopers with trickery etc. // The “weakest” character (41-Vex) makes the skill roll with the help of a trained character (Pash). And we use one Light Side Point to upgrade the check.
// 1 success, 1 threat
// Destiny Pool: 2 LS, 2 DS The party barely makes it to the landing bay but the escape has winded the droid. // CF goes up to 6 – Recap: I think I got the rules down, except starship combat. But I’ll save that for a later time. The adventure is very linear but a good way to introduce new players and GMs to the system. Unfortunately, the “railroad” makes this a bit boring in solo play. Thus, I’m not finishing the last two encounters. The PCs will still need to board the ship which is guarded by security droids and Trex himself and then they have to escape in their starship while tie fighters fire at them!
However, I will continue my adventures with a fresh set of my own heroes and no pre-defined adventure path. Yet it was fun to play. I really like the system although the “crunchiness” can bog down a conflict in solitaire play.
Thanks for reading my Actual Play report!

Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

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