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05 Feb 2017

So1um Playtest

Do you get bogged down in details during solo role-playing?
As much as I like testing out new systems, the overload of a complete RPG plus a solo system can be too much. Matt Jackson’s (free) so1um could be the solution. It is a complete rules-lite solo RPG. You can play different genres with it. I want to test some Urban Fantasy. But without sparkly vampires and werewolves as boyfriends. This playtests uses the 0.5 rules.

Create Your Hero

My heroine: Cassie DeVonte
Body: 2, Mind: 1, Soul: 1
HP: 3 ☐☐☐
Cliché: Asphalt Jungle Druid
Gear: Nunchaku I imagine her being like an “anti-Druid”. Her powers are strongest in the city core and weaken the further you get into the wild.

Determine Goals & the First Scene

The fabulous (and free) Adventuresmith App for Android will help me out here:
What’s in the suitcase that’s worth $10,000 USD? Christian Louboutin Crimson 160 spiked patent-leather pumps.
Where is it all going down tonight? Charmin Garland Gardens at Carmen Mcfarland’s Karma Farm.
What is the unit’s primary objective? Assassinate the Prime Minister. Let’s see what we can do with it!

The Game

Color-Coding Legend: Question Answer Die Rolls Cliché Comments (If you’re reading this on an RSS-Feed, it might not work, please visit the original website.) Opening Scene: Cassie is again down to her last dollars. Her fence has gotten her a simple delivery job. This evening there is a get-together at Carmen Mcfarland’s Karma Farm. She has to bring a suitcase to Silas Slitherly, a trim guy with dreadlocks. He will be attending a big party thrown for the Prime Minister of a friendly country.
First, Cassie needs to get in. Could Cassie call in favors? Yes.
Does she raise suspicion as she carries around the suitcase? Yes.
Two bouncers approach her. How difficult is it to sweet-talk her way out of this? 3 - Tricky.
I’m using Soul for the contest. Because raw intelligence and wit won’t convince the guards. I would say it’s a combination of charisma, charm, acting and reading body language that is needed. 2.
The thugs are not convinced by Cassie’s womanly charms. They roughly grab her and want to escort her out of the building.
Do the other guests witness the exchange? Yes.
Some guests are staring at the commotion. But when the guards and Cassie reach an area of the building that is more quiet, Cassie makes her move.
How difficult is it here to wield her magic? 4 - Average. Thug No.1 B:2 M:1 S:2 HP☐☐ Been there, done that.
Thug No.2 B:1 M:2 S:3HP☐☐ I get paid well to do this shit. Cassie reaches for her Nunchuk and tries to throw off her captors. 2d6 = 6, 1
Thug No. 1 rolls 2d6 + has been there and done that: 2, 5, 6.
And the other thugs (1d6) gets paid well to do this shit: 5, 6.
The three brawl but no one gets the upper hand. Cassie uses her Druid powers with the building’s concrete and the electrical circuits: Soul 1d6 + Cliché 1d6 = 1, 4.
(Thug No. 1: 1, 6, 6, Thug No. 2: 6, 6.)
Although surprised, the two bodyguards free themselves from the snaking cables. They place some good hits on Cassie. Cassie is now down to 1 HP. Ouch! Cassie thinks: “This is not working, I need some distraction!”
What is the difficulty to use her powers to distract the two? 2 - Simple. She raises the tiles from the floor and flings them at the two goons.2, 2. They have to evade and Cassie flews down the hall. Can she shake off her pursuers? Yes, And - An obstacle or something that aids the hero. A group of new guests arrive and Cassie can mingle. Can she find the target without further ado? Yes.
Is there a third party that tries to interfere? Yes, But - A unique feature or situation.
Cassie contacts the pompous looking Silas. She signals him to retreat into a side room. But when she gives him the suitcase, another man breaks into the room.
“Police, freeze!”
Does Silas try to escape or use violence? No, And - Monster, Neutral. Slitherly lifts his hands in surrender when a colossal translucent crow just teleports into the room. Yep.
The undercover cop is floored and Cassie’s contact Silas also stands there, mouth gaping.
Does Cassie know this type of creature? As a urban druid she is familiar with all kinds of weird monsters but here she has no clue (1, 1): No, And - Monster.
I’ll let the previous result roll over, so no new monster apprears.
The giant crow takes offense that no one shows respect. It whines: “Humans, why don’t you bow? What sad times on earth…” It sighs. “Now, give me the treasure, please.” “Well, my job is to deliver the suitcase to this gentleman.”, Cassie says.
“So, if he is ok with handing it over to you, you can have it.”
What does Silas say? Yes, And - A unique feature or situation. The contact nervously nods. “Can’t blame me, when a frick… demon crow just appears and takes it, right?” He licks his lips.
The cop just nervously glances at the translucent being. Looks like he won’t shoot. Cassie kicks the suitcase over and the crow is delighted about the Louboutin shoes. Who would have known that otherworldly birds like luxury footgear? Can Cassie get out of the situation without further complications? Yes.

Fun and easy system for solo play. I don’t like spells as clichés, they are too weak for my taste. Perhaps I need to add a magic system. P.S. Here are the links again: msjx blog Adventuresmith