Day 25 - Favorite Revolutionary Game Mechanic

Into the Odd is an old school inspired role-playing game that gets rid of the attack roll. When you attack, you automatically hit and deal damage. I really like that a lot, as it makes the system deadly but also very fast.

Day 26 - Favorite inspiration for your game

I draw my inspiration from novels and TV series. At the moment I’m following Dark Matter and Killjoys, two new sci-fi series. Killjoys looks like good material for an RPG, I already played a solo session with The GameMaster’s Apprentice.

Day 27 - Favorite idea for merging two games into one

I already mentioned the new Star Wars RPG line by FFG in this blog post series. While I really like the system, it can sometimes be a bit clunky and it’s more rules-heavy than I’d like.
I would like to have a slimmed-down version of this game, similar to what MiniSix did with Opend6. I recently discovered Fantaji (aff) which is a take on an abstract narrative game. I have yet to wrap my head around it as it definitely is something different but perhaps I can grab some ideas there and tack them unto Star Wars. (Or use Fantaji for Star Wars? It’s generic after all.)

Day 28 - Favorite game you no longer play

I don’t have a favorite game and my role-playing history is quite short. Games that I don’t play anymore (but that I didn’t like that much anyway) are DSA 3 and Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy.
I really liked the Rokugan campaign I played it but it used D&D 3 rules which I’m not so much a fan of. I would like to play L5R in this world as I like the asian flavor.

Day 29 - Favorite RPG website/blog

I mainly use G+ for my gaming needs. There are a lot of cool communities there. My favorites are the German-speaking one, the OSR community and the Solo RPG community.

Day 30 - Favorite RPG playin celebrity

Hm. Perhaps Wil Wheaton? He does a good job of promoting the hobby, especially with his Titansgrave show.

Day 31 - Favorite non-RPG thing to come out of RPG

Getting to know new people online and offline. Because of this hobby I found new friends who share the same passion. That’s really great!