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08 Dec 2012

Actual Play: Wu# With the 9Qs: Qs 7-9

This is the final plart of my actual play write-up of my solo play in a Wuxia-World.
Read more about it here:

Q 7. Where can the heroic motivation be most effectively redeemed?

Be the players first:
Encounter: pursuit The PCs decide that it is more important to inform the council of Chuushin Genpo’s wrongdoings than to chase the girl. Be the GM next:
Random Idea Generator: fireworks + paranoia The two ninja and their unwilling captive slowly approach the land of the Scales. As soon as they set food into a forest they hear some explosions. An unknown voice says: “Beware, trespassers. You are now in the lands of the Wardens Of Equilibrium. State your purpose or we’ll kill you.” Be the players once more: Genzen says: “We are here on the behalf of the Lotus Coalition. We have some intel about the attack on the training camp in the Middle Provinces.”
“So? Show us some proof!” - “The proof is not for you to see. It’s for the leaders. We have a prisoner who will tell the story.”
The voice says: “Hmm, so say your names and clans, perhaps I’ll believe you!”
Genzen and Hikari tell their names, Hikari showing some of her tattoos, too.
However, the voice says: “We’ll test you a bit.” Spears are thrown at them. Some ninja emerge from the woods and attack them!
Both PCs can deflect the attacks and after some exchange of blows the voice says: “Stop, that’s enough. They are ninja, alright!” A big man shows himself and introduces himself as Chuushin Tokata. “I will show you to the Council.”

Q 8. Where does the final showdown between the heroes and the enemy take place in relation to the results of Question 7?

Be the GM first:
Random Idea Generator: gate + sleep
Encounter: the enemy nears completion of its goals + the enemy takes aggressive action against the heroes When the party arrives at the gates of a village they see that the guards are asleep. Chuushin Tokata curses under his breath. “What’s this?”
“We will take it from here.” A new voice announces. Chuushin Genpo enters the scene! With him is a squad of the bluish warriors the PCs saw at the cultists’ headquarters.
“Genpo!? What are you doing here?” Chuushin Tokata is obviously confused.
Chuushin Genpo smirks and commands: “Attack!”
Unprepared for the ambush the Warden ninjas fall prey to the blue warriors. Be the players next: “Hey, let’s talk about that! I have money and I don’t want to die.” Genzen tries to lie right to his face (using his money talks aspect). Genzen digs in his pockets and shows a good amount of gold. Genpo won’t have none of that.
However, he is a little bit distracted by the money. Hikari and Tokata use this moment to attack Genpo.
Tokata manages to wound Genpo but suffers a mortal wound. Genzen charges the blue warriors. He slows them down using his wushu threads. In a killing frenzy he slaughters the warriors (GM imposed aspect for failing a roll: crazy for blood (1)).
Be the GM first: After receiving some help from the village troops who have heard the noise they manage to defeat Genpo. While battling him their captive escapes frees himself and sneaks away.

Q 9. Where does the world stand after the results of Questions 7 and 8?

Be the GM first: Random Idea Generator: trophy + star The Council acknowledges the PC’s heroic feats. They decide to form a task force to find out more about the traitors and their motives. The task force will have the name “Stars Of the Lotus.” There will be a bounty for the heads of the Cult of the Dragonfly.
The PCs are asked to join the task force. Be the players next: Character advancement: Genzen: ninja wunderkind (2) Hikari: “Should I show you my ink?” (2)


Solo gaming is not that easy! You need to find the line between steering the story using your own imagination and randomizing it creatively so that you will be surprised. Otherwise, it’s just writing and not a gaming experience. The 9Qs really do give a nice framework for an interesting story. I think I may even like it better than the Mythic Game Emulator because it’s easier and the structure helps you to finish the adventure. With the GME I tend to get stuck up and abandon the game. F# is a neat system but for playing solo it’s a bit too lightweight for my taste. On the other hand, my character aspects were a bit weak, so if you do better there you might get a better gaming experience. After all, it revolves on the aspects!

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