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28 Jun 2017

[Time-Sensitive] ConTessa 2017 Bundle of Awesome

Bookkeeping Notes: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. You don’t want to miss this. There is a bundle for ConTessa 2017, a diverse gaming convention. You’ll get incredible games for USD $10. This is a steal. Examples:

  • 2016 Dodecahedron Cartographic Review: maps, maps, maps by the most prolific old school mapper
  • Adventure Fantasy Game: unique old school game with a great skill system (I need to review that….)
  • Book of Lairs: I like Simon’s art style but I don’t know how good the entries are
  • Fire On The Velvet Horizon: the ONLY way to get this one-of-a-kind monster book in PDF
  • Hollowpoint: wonderful indie (non-OSR game) where everything gets fucked up at some point. I played it several times and it was great fun. One of my favorite games.
  • Macchiato Monsters: cool blend of Whitehack and The Black Hack
  • Stay Frosty: the Starship Troopers game. Review here
  • USR Sword & Sorcery: Review here
  • Troika!: interesting Fighting Fantasy OSR game
  • Lapis Observatory: check out this youtube video review

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I have no clue how long this is available, so go GRAB IT NOW. Here is the link again.