The novelty has faded off, but I’m still determined to see this series through. Let’s catch up a bit.

Day 18 - Favorite SF RPG

That’s, of course, the new Star Wars RPG line by FFG.
I wrote about this already at Day 6 but here’s the gist: it’s a narrative-focussed medium-crunch RPG with focus on cinematic action and long-term play.

Day 19 - Favorite Supers RPG

I really like Supers! revised which was originally written by Simon Washbourne and rewritten by Hazard Studios. It’s a rules-lite narrative game which only uses six-sided dice. It’s very versatile and has some good ideas. Creating NPCs is also fairly easy for the GM. Another excellent game is The Supercrew by Tobias Radesäter. It’s more of an indie game but has an interesting mechanic. I’m not so much a fan of playing myself in an RPG, but that could be left out if wanted.
The game is presented as a comic which is also a fine idea.

Day 20 - Favorite Horror RPG

None, as I’ve never played one. It’s not a genre I’m particularly invested in. I also don’t like to watch horror flicks because I can easily get scared.

Day 21 - Favorite RPG setting

I’m stumped. Perhaps Earthdawn, it seemed cool the one or two times I played it. Shadowrun also looks nice, especially as there is setting information for Europe and Germany.

Day 22 - Perfect gaming environment

… is with a group of people I can trust.

Day 23 - Perfect game for you

The perfect game for me doesn’t exist. But there are many games I like so it’s not a problem, right?
My preferences tend towards the lightweight, narrative and abstract vein, but I don’t like non-immersive techniques like the Fate compel. It’s good if there are only rules for “conflict” (which encompasses social encounters, too) and not special sub-rules for “combat”. I like resource management so there should be a hard choice on what to do.

Day 24 - Favorite House Rule

I don’t think we use house rules explicitly at my gaming table. But everything that makes the game flow more smoothly is a plus in my book. I’m personally a fan of the “Rule of Cool”: if you’re unsure about a rule, choose what’s most fun for you as the GM and the group.