This year I’m taking part in the OSR Christmas and I’m giving away 2 sets of Swords & Six-Siders!

Swords & Six-Siders (S&SS) is the ultra rules-lite, 1d6 only, OGL fantasy RPG inspired by 0E, BX, and T&T. S&SS is great for both new RPGers and old schoolers alike who are looking to get more gaming done in less time. 1

Because of the expensive shipping costs to Germany (20 bucks (!), I ordered 2 more than needed (worth USD $20 + S/H).
You’ll get a 24 page Player’s Book, a 36 page Gamemaster’s Book, and a few character sheets. The author sells them in a candy box with an adhesive label but due to shipping (see above) I didn’t order the boxes. The label is included, though, so you can make your own box. my self-made S&SS box The PDFs of the game are free and can be downloaded here. This is an international giveaway, so feel free to enter via comment below.
You have till Dec, 26th, 20:00 CET (UTC+1) to enter.

I will draw the winners with the help of random.org.
EDIT: now closed!

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