This is a short post as I didn’t have the time to write something new. I have read through my newest addition to my rpg collection, Wordplay by Graham Spearing, and I’m working on a setting adaption of Mouse Guard for this narrative game. Furthermore, I backed the kickstarter project of the Spark RPG by Jason Pitre and received the preview draft. Perhaps I will write about my impressions after I read the file. The kickstarter will end April 12th. So, here are my top 10 free rpgs:

The challenge: If you could only keep ten of your rpgs, which would you pick? - This time: ten free rpgs!
Conditions: only complete and full rpgs, no quick start rules - 100% free download (pay what you want is ok if you can pay $0)

My top 10 list of free rpgs

Sorted alphabetically:

  1. Dungeonslayers
    old-school dungeon-crawling with modern rules, still a d20-system but faster - fun to play
  2. Fate: FreeFate, Fate2Go and others, and soon to come Fate Core:
    a generic and flexible game, from rules light to more crunchy more about FATE and its branches here
  3. Five By Five
    a rules-light generic game with a gimmicky dice mechanic which works pretty well
  4. FU, Free Universal Roleplaying System:
    choose your descriptors (something similar to Fate’s aspects), roll a d6 dice pool; sliding task resolution results
  5. Heroes Against Darkness
    an old-school game mash-up of DnD 1e-4e
  6. Lady Blackbird
    wonderful indie game in a great steampunk setting, won best Free Game of the Year at the 2009 Indie RPG Awards
  7. Mini Six
    Open d6’s faster brother
  8. Old School Hack
    a hack of a hack: dungeon-crawling with a modern spin, very interesting take on the genre, great layout
  9. Risus
    the granddaddy of free games, lightweight, tongue-in-cheek
  10. Warrior, Rogue & Mage
    a classless, lightweight game

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