This month’s blog carnival theme for the German RSP Blogs is Monsters. A wonderful theme but I totally missed it! So I don’t have the time for a great article about why, how or whatever. Some of my fellow bloggers have already written some excellent articles about that. But I want to contribute nonetheless. Thus I’ll give you some monsters for Dungeon World.
I’m not even sure if this article will count for the blog carnival because it’s in English but Dungeon World is not (yet?) translated and I hope my international readers can use these monsters, too. These “beauties” are made randomly with the Creature Crafter and the Dungeon World Monsters Guide.
So here we go:

Maroon Blobs

Group, Intelligent, Armorphous, Organized
9 HP, 3 armor
Embrace of Greed d8
Close, Ignores Armor
Specialties: Resistant to blunt attacks (clubs, fists etc.) Maroon Blobs are brown amorphous masses with a neverending hunger. They are quite slow but make up for it by climbing up on walls and letting themselves fall down on their victims. Their slimy parts reach into the smallest spaces and work around any armor you might have.
Instinct: to feed

Grimgrog, Avatar of Earth

Solitary, Huge, Divine, Intelligent
26 HP, 4 armor
Pounding Fists d10+7
Reach, Forceful
Specialties: Resistant to physical damage, except for energy damage (fire, lightning etc.) Grimgrog is a huge solid Earth golem. He can see in the dark. He was created by a circle of wizards who worshipped Gaia. The wizards made him immune to physical damage. He can see in the dark and has an enhanced hearing sense. He was instilled with an urge to kill living beings to bring them back to the embrace of Mother Earth. He guards a holy site dedicated to Gaia.
Instinct: to reunite everything with Mother Nature

Illuminated Stink Crickets

Horde, Tiny
3 HP, 0 armor
Jaw crushing d6-2
Near, Ignores Armor
Specialties: Roll damage twice and take the better result, Vulnerability to magical attacks These little vicious insects are very common in swamps. Their neon-green-glowing swarms are most active during dusk and dawn. They need the life energy of other creatures in order to lay their own eggs which can be found near the riverside.
Instinct: to create an area of foul smelling gas

The monsters are under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY License. Click on the monster names to find the entry in the Dungeon World Codex. If you want to give me some feedback, you can post a comment on the related Google+ post or write me an email.

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