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22 May 2016

May Update: The Black Hack, Whitehack and Sword and Backpack

What’s new?

I have been adding and updating two new resources lists to my blog:

Both are neo-OSR-clones and worth a look. I’ve written a 7-part review series about Whitehack and another review about *The Black Hack. I’m pondering some hacks for The Black Hack (TBH). My ideas are:

  • a mix of Sword and Backpack (see below) with TBH: freeform and minimalist
  • a mix of Scarlet Heroes, Whitehack and TBH (I’ve written about “Whitehack Heroes” before): “heroic” and old-school
  • a mix of Searchers of the Unknown (SotU), 1974 Style and TBH: ultra-lite

I’ve already begun work with Searchers of the Black. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to incorporate TBH’s armor mechanic with SotU’s basic task resolution.
Also, it looks like neither SotU nor 1974 Style is available under the OGL or Creative Commons. I will still need to contact the authors. However, there are countless variations of SotU, so it will likely be okay to make another hack. Furthermore, I’m playtesting Cecil Howe’s Sword and Backpack Booklet Edition. It is a fun ultra-lite/freeform fantasy game for young adventurers. It is also free.