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12 Oct 2017

Friday Grab Bag: Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse, Tiddlymap, Describe a Dungeon, Free Shadel Port PDF


TiddlyMap is a free (beta) tool that combines mind-mapping with a wiki. This seems like a useful software for creating adventure nodes, point crawls and other useful stuff. It is open source! (Found on G+ via Steve Christensen.)

Game Mastering Advice

How to never describe a dungeon! by Diogo Nogueira offers advice on narrating our favorite underground.

Narrative/Story Games and Old School

Let’s see what indie narrative games and the OSR have in common (using The Riddle of Steel as an example): OSR & TROS.

And here is the faithful Dungeon World Newsletter #14.

Old School

There are now Print-on-demand options for Open D6 Adventure, Fantasy and Science Fiction! The PDFs are free.

Here you can read more articles about BX Space: BX Space – Equipment and BX Space – Robots .

I found this insightful overview about The OSR in Spain.
I backed the Kickstarter for Adventures in the East Mark (Aventuras en la Marca del Este) a few years ago. The physical set prides itself with an astonishing box set. But unfortunately the production proved to be a failure business-wise. It is still written in the stars whether there will be a translation of the other boxes.The ruleset is nothing special (Mentzner’s BECMI with some tweaks) but I was hoping for more material on the setting. We’ll see if something comes out of it.

And here is a case for emergent character customization, again by Diogo Nogueira: Adventurous solutions for mechanical issues!
Having played a lot of modern games with many splat books I found this to be a challenging idea. I still enjoy lots of customization options during character creation. I’m especially fond of class-less systems where I can choose options, feats, traits to tailor a character to my liking. Character creation is my own mini game.

Free Schädel Port PDF offers you a horrible city setting for magic elf games by one of the most creative guys of the OSR.
And here are some additional resources to enhance your game: D100 Rumours in Shadelport and d100 City Mysteries for Meddling Kids.

Conversation with Jim Raggi: Part 1:

Solo Gaming

A discussion on G+: How do you guys deal with solo situations wherein I want to see if my character knows something or can recall knowledge of something past? Are these kind of situations not conducive to solo play?


Here is advice from Paolo Greco, the guy behind the Lost Pages imprint: So, You Want to Become an Indie Publisher.Paolo doesn’t mince his words. Read this.


We can enjoy another crowdfunding overview by Teylen. Welcome back from vacation, girl! Crowdfunding Collection #54.

Tina has been mentioning Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse. But it’s based on Fate which I’m disillusioned with. Still, a game with biker mice? How cool is that?

$10 for the PDF with all stretch goals and a print-at-cost coupon doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

Heart of Varrul is a sci-fi sourcebook for White Star so I’d be amiss not to mention it here. I respect James Spahn for his work and he has always delivered on time.

And I laughed out lout about the Orcish Beefcake Calendar 2018.

Wonderful Patrons of Die Heart

Joe Banner creates the most amazing Dungeon World adventures. I’m a big fan of his work. The adventures on his patreon are free but well worth a few bucks.

And you should check out the Roleplaying Newsletter by Johnn Four. It is game mastering advice on steroids.
Also, check out the free 5 Room Dungeons book and the Campaign Logger.

Also thank you, Marc Tabyanan from In the Labyrinth, a site dedicated to The Fantasy Trip. He even has an article about solo gaming with TFT!

Thanks to Charlie Vick from Imaginary Hallways where he writes about OSR gaming.

Steve Christensen creates the wonderfully useful Android app Adventuresmith. It’s free and open-source, too. I used it to play Maze Rats solo.

Stuart Lloyd analyses gamebooks in order to produce the best gamebooks possible under Lloyd of Gamebooks. If you are a solo gamer, you might want to check out his site.

Many thanks to Richard Rogers, one of the guys behind The Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is an excellent gaming community and podcast hoster for many story games and the OSR.

David Schirduan is the creative genius behind innovative games like Mythic Mortals or Clink. He also writes an interesting blog at Technical Grimoire.

Ray Otus makes a wonderful Dungeon World zine named Plundergrounds. He first appeared on my radar with his superb free Sword & Sorcery hack of Lasers & Feelings: Sorcerers & Sellswords. I even helped to translate it into German.

Marius Enge Bøe blogs under Realm of Melpomene about D&D 5e and Dungeon World.

Thank you, Miska Fredman. Miska creates beautiful maps and mini adventures at his patreon.

I’m also grateful to Matias Blanch, Myles Corcoran and Matthew Isom.

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