This week is full of free games, both OSR and non-OSR (rules-lite and story games). Plus I found some tidbits about Dungeon World, solo gaming, and RPG design.

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Dungeon World

Dungeon World Newsletter Issue #15 is out.

On G+ Aaron Griffin asked about A Collection of Those Starters That Use the Discern Realities Questions as the Basis.

D&D and OSR

This Interactive Map of Sigil is beautiful and useful at the same time.

And here is Rob Conley on Observations on what is Dungeons and Dragons.

Old School Revival +5 is a Bundle of Holding with some recent releases like The Nightmares Underneath, Mortzengersturm or Gathox Vertical Slum. It’s available for $12.95. If you pass the threshold price (currently ~ $26), you’ll also get games like Dragon Kings and Index Card RPG.
(I have some thoughts on ICRPG in this post, and there’s also the list of ICRPG Resources here).

http://lotfp666.tumblr.com/ has some House Rules for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. (Found on G+ via Paul C.)

50 Death, Dying, and Horrible Stuff is a blog post with “a handy-dandy table of horrible things that could happen.”

Stranger Things? ESP & Eyeliner “is all about psychic powers, government intrusion into other realms and getting by in the 1980”. It is a free supplement for The Black Hack.

Here is a Wuxia ghost story sandbox, an investigation adventure, and a setting encapsulated in time compatible with everything OSR: Flower Liches of the Dragonboat Festival by Kabuki Kaiser ($4.00). And here is an interview with Brendan Davis: Kabuki Kaiser Interview (Flower Liches of the Dragonboat Festival).
Kabuki has already created some very alluring OSR GM-less products that solo role-players love, for example Ruins of the Undercity and Castle Gargantuan.

Engines & Empires: OSR Steampunk is “a standalone OSR game, incorporating some of the best innovations and open game content that the OSR scene has come up with in recent years, while still keeping true to that old-school mega-dungeon and hex-crawl feel. It’s a little bit Napoleonic, a little bit Victorian, and all-the-way mad science.” 1 The PDFs are free. It’s from the author of the fun little 8-bit Retro Phaze.

Valley of The Headless Kings is “a little adventure designed to populate a hex in a hex-crawl. It’s essentially six little vignettes around each of the towers with a climax in the castle in the middle.” Free.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Interview.

And here is Bryce Lynch on Fever Swamp: Tenfootpole Reviews Fever Swamp.

Non-OSR Games

My Boss Is A Demon. No, Seriously! - A Two-Page RPG. This is free, too.

Teen Detective is “[a] take on adapting […] the investigative game Cthulhu Dark by Graham Walmsley for the teen detective genre. If you’re down with Cthulhu Dark’s ultra-light ruleset, it’s fundamental trust between players and GM, and you like Veronica Mars or other teen detectives then you should give this a look […]”.
More info here.

Hedge Witch is a free one page RPG about solving the weird problems of a small town with ingredients from your magical garden.

And this site has a list of free games: The Compendium of Free Role Playing Games.

Game Mastering

Diogo Nogueira on How do I prepare adventures?.

Here’s a generator that rolls Hot Springs Island’s location, and dungeon encounters with a single click - found on Reddit, Cecil Howe.

RPG Design

Using CC Artwork with Joe Banner and David Schirduan. Very interesting.

Solo Gaming

Alex Yari talks about what his Perfect Solo Role-Playing Tool would be able to do. And he offers a generator for solo players.

And November is Solo Gaming Appreciation Month 2017.


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