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16 Nov 2017

Friday Grab Bag: Hammer & Anvil, WINGS, RPG Fantasy Sounds, Equipment Cards

Here is a short Friday Grab Bag for you with come RPG tools: character sheets, equipment cards, and rules crafting systems, soundboard apps, etc.
There is also a new minimalist RPG and some articles on gaming and publishing.

Bookkeeping Notes: Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no extra cost to you. But please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them.

Jonathan Hicks offers <strong>Some tips on describing combat in a roleplaying game</strong>.

Here is a <strong>Custom Character Sheet and Encumbrance System</strong>.

Short Version: Character sheet for LotFP (w/ House rules) and new encumbrance tracking system that uses mini item cards (~1/3 of a 3x5 index) to give players a visual and physical sense of their items. Organized sheet so it was 1-page and relevant info (combat stuff, skills, and languages, etc.) were grouped. Created separate backpack sheet for items beyond what’s on their character’s person.

<strong>Hammer &amp; Anvil - Crafting in WFRP2e</strong> is a free simple crafting system that you can port to many games.

<strong>RPG Sounds: Fantasy</strong> is a free soundboard app for gaming. Available for Android and iOS.

<strong>Papercrafted Equipment Sets</strong> look sweet. The full set costs £7.99, but they have a free template.

<strong>Rage, Precognition, Grace (RPG)</strong> is a short free retro-clone of The Fantasy Trip by Jeff Moore. (Found via a private share by Paul C on G+.)

Max Vanderheyden released another free one-page-dungeon, this time with “escalating tags”: <strong>The Snow Giant</strong>. A guy to follow.

I use the idea of “tags” in most games I run, not necessarily linking it to a specific mechanic especially since I make most of these with the casual idea that they are system neutral. In general, I intended for the “escalating tags” to be a useful guide for what direction to take the three groups of NPC’s. If you aren’t sure what move to make, throw one of those tags into play. 1

You can participate in creating dungeon ideas on Twitter: <strong>#SixWordDungeon</strong>.

<strong>FANTASTIC! EXCITING! IMAGINATIVE!</strong> is a new OSR fanzine on the market. The first issue is free on DTRPG.

David Schirduan created some sweet <strong>DCC Class Bookmarks</strong>.

<strong>How To Become A Godzillionaire On Drivethrurpg If Your Name Doesn’t Rhyme With Yon Blick, Clobbert Malwb, Smaniel Locks, Or Blizzard Of The Toast</strong> by Cecil Howe is a must-read if you want to know how Onebookshelf works. This G+ Discussion is also interesting.

<strong>Treasure Awaits!</strong>, a beginner-friendly dungeon-crawling RPG, is currently available for $4.95. I played this solo once, and it was a fun game.

And here is a narrative rules-lite and free RPG: <strong>WINGS - Formerly One Sheet RPG</strong> by Brian Holland.

And Michael Bacon created a formatted sheet for <strong>Fourth Page</strong> by Mike Riverso - some random generator/inspiration ideas.

And here is the <strong>Crowdfunding Collection #58</strong>.

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  1. https://plus.google.com/+MaxVanderheyden/posts/TiJB6BcDSX6 ↩︎