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Free Games

Free games based on Lasers & Feelings: Blood & Wine (vampire high society), Demons & Doves (demon hunters) and The Little Dance - Yin & Yang (Xianxia mystic martial arts).
Google Drive link HERE.
The authors want to write 10 mini games and then release them all in a PDF on DTRPG. How to Run Practically Any RPG Concept with Risus is an interesting read. Risus is free. Mushroom Kingdom Classics for DCC RPG is a free Super Mario supplement.

Includes occupations, starting gear, a 0-level funnel, a player handout, paper miniatures, editable 0-level character sheets, and some pre-gens.


Here is a watercolor terrain generator (free PDF). Written for Macchiato Monsters by Eric Nieudan. And here is a very cool Medieval Fantasy City Generator.

D&D and OSR

̶A̶l̶l̶ Most of the Races, Classes, and Spells available from WOTC for 5e. Quite useful to see what’s out there. Analyzing the Best D&D Advice by Sly Flourish. Not entirely serious, of course. Don’t eat yellow snow. And here is a free Android app for creating crazy monsters for your 5e campaign: Monster Factory. And there is also this neat Adventuring Template. James Raggi, the creator of Lamentations of the Flame Princess, did a reddit AMA. Dyson Logos made a Free Character Sheet for DCC. And then there is an OSR Extravaganza Sale over at

Dungeon World

I wrote a Review of Session Zero, a fanzine for DW. The zine is PWYW. Plundergrounds 1x! More Maps, Magic Items, & Monsters is a free 9-page supplement for the fanzine Plundergrounds. A Quick Starter Playbook For Game Masters is a free PDF in draft status. Here is a set of Minimal Playbooks Plus for USD $3.00. An Alternative Character Sheet as PWYW.


Over at reddit, someone recommends this Monte Cook article for cultivating horror in an RPG. The comment section has more interesting links.

Story Games

Last week I mentioned the kickstarter for Untold. The designers have dropped a Print & Play Test Kit. Download for free.

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