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02 Mar 2017

Friday Grab Bag: Save the Cat!, Miso RPG and GM's Day Sale

Solo Gaming

I polished my free solo RPG/framework Miso RPG. Some people gave me feedback and corrected typos. You can now download it easily as a PDF or as a zip archive with epub, mobi, and PDF. Get the PDF here. Get the epub, mobi, and PDF zip here.


Save the Cat!: The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need: I want you to get the best blog posts. Your time is valuable and you don’t have to read my stuff. That’s why I devour books like “Save the Cat!” to learn to write better. This book is for screenwriters but the advice is useful for other styles, too. It is a book about structure. Probably the best way to start to improve your writing skills. I’m not finished but I already found good ideas for adventure writing. Yes, role-playing games are not fiction books or movies. Still, we can steal some ideas. For example, the first chapter: What is it? This is the “high concept”. (Remember Evil Hat’s Fate Core system.) What is your adventure about in one sentence? This logline should intrigue, like a good book cover. It also has a sense for the intended audience. Isn’t that interesting? Who are your players, who are the characters? Is it an adventure for publication? Is the Game Master your audience or the player group? Save the Cat! is an enlightening read for newbie writers.


GM’s Day Sale at RPGNow and DrivethruRPG (affiliate links). I’m getting Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd Ed (aff) and Return of the Woodland Warriors (aff). The first one because I like Troika! which is some kind of retro-clone of AdvFF. The second one because I liked the first edition of the game.

WOODLAND WARRIORS is a fantasy role-playing game about epic adventures and heroic quests. It is inspired by the animal tales of Redwall, The Secret of Nimh, Mistmantle, The Deptford Mice, Mouseguard, and Disney’s Robin Hood.