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29 Jun 2017

Friday Grab Bag: Contessa 2017 Bundle, Maze Rats Hacks, Free Music, Genesys

Bookkeeping Notes: I get commissions for purchases made through some links in this post.

You don’t want to miss this. There is a bundle for ConTessa 2017, a diverse gaming convention. You’ll get incredible games for USD $10. This is a steal. There is a blog post series about one of the games in the bundle, Macchiato Monsters. Check it out here.

Fantasy Flight Games

Genesys ©FFG FFG will create a new generic game with the Narrative Dice System from Warhammer 3e and FFG Star Wars. Expected release in the fourth quarter of 2017. It’s called Genesys. Dice System ©FFG I played Star Wars Edge of the Empire solo and I liked it a lot. For my taste, it is a tad too crunchy when it comes to skills, etc. But it still is a fun game.

Free Music

Here are some cool free RPG tracks.

Maze Rats

An Exaltation of Rockets by Joel Priddy is a playtest for sci-fi in the Buck-Rogers-style. Sounds interesting:

The premise of the world is that War of the Worlds-style tripods invaded Earth in 1930, and have pretty well mastered it for 500 years. Most humans who have escaped mind-controlled slavery live neolithic existences in the wilderness, but there are a few hidden communities where human culture and science have progressed. If they can shake off the yoke of Tripod domination, there is a whole solar system out there teeming with life and adventure.

And then there is WOMP RATS, a Star-Wars hack of Maze Rats.

Weekly Lists

Teylen’s Crowdfunding Collection #44. Tina’s Weekly Indie RPG & Storygame Review Week 26, 2017.


The Nightmare Below is a free Quickstart game by Emanuele Galletto. It focuses on dungeon-crawling.

Make New Monsters

Scrap Princess says:

If you are just straight up picking a monster out of the book to use but it’s still so boring the convenience doesn’t seem worth it , try combining it with the preceding/receding monster. For example: Hobgoblin+ hippopotamus : hobgoblins but they are half giant pig head and they spend most of their time on the bottom of the river, but will rush out in military formation to protect their territory Lich+Lion: I just like the idea of swapping the appearance of liches and lions , so the super evil wizard transforms via dark ritual into a lion and the plains have gazelle being run down and eaten by dirty wizardy skullmen. Especially if this is never commented on . Maybe I need to put “swap 2 monsters” as a super high magic fumble, so the world now has 2 monsters switched and only the players notice. On topic, a tatty skeleton wizard with the massive , slightly preserved lion head is cool , like some kind of egypt ultimate power involves animal head thing Or wizards going wrong and trying to act like big cats, despite how much their body is being destroyed doing so.

D30 Tables

D30 Burial Urns by Richard LeBlanc. And a Treasures of the Tomb table.

D&D ABC Monster Book

Some dad created a book for his 3 yo: I made a D&D ABC’s book for my son (age 3).. This is soo cute.