OSR Freebies

The FY DIY Facebook community has two new resources: Enter the Megadungeon and D100 Secret Door Clues. And here are two free mini-adventures by Stephen Grodzicki on his RPG Mini Adventures & Side Treks patreon - the links are in the description of the patreon.


David made a site with resources for his wonderful oriental setting Yoon-Suin. Check it out here. A review of the book is here.


Amazon Echo RPG tools available!: it allows your Amazon Echo to roll dice and make random NPC descriptions. Free.

Free GM Resources

The Frugal GM has a blog where he highlights free resources for the Game Master. For example, here is a Guide to Mapping.

Monster Art

Greg Gorgonmilk shared this on G+: Lexicon Megatherium - A Catalogue of Fantastickal Beasts.

Story Games


Five or So Questions with Robert Bohl on Misspent Youth by Brie Sheldon. This game sounds cool if you’re into the whole story-gamey genre spearheaded by Vincent D. Baker, Paul Czege, etc. Edit: There is an Actual Play Video by Wil Wheaton here:

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You can also take a peek at Teylen’s Crowdfunding Overview.

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