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23 Feb 2017

Friday Grab Bag: Dungeon Drawing, and more


Nothing RPG-related, but there was a huge security breach for sites using Cloudflare. For example, patreon and reddit could be affected.
More info here.
Change passwords and enable 2FA for important accounts.

Dungeon Drawing

Elementary Principles of Dungeon Drawing is a short article by David McGrogan worth your time:

[…] I don’t think I’ve ever come across anything that is specifically about the design of a dungeon at the level of actually drawing it. When you sit down with a blank piece of paper, how do you actually draw a good dungeon level? How do you arrange the rooms and corridors to best effect? Where do you put the entrance and exit? Where do you put the traps and treasure? (Assuming you aren’t random-stocking?) So, let’s think about it.

Free Swag

Found at G+. Astounding Interplanetary Adventures (aff): ultra-lite pulp sci-fi game. I would like to know what the standard target numbers are. Other than that, it is “complete”, if you can say that for an extremely minimalist game.
Edit: I misunderstood the attribute system. If you have a Mind attribute of 5+, a roll of 5 and 6 is a success. The Referee can add a modifier. Pixar’s The Art of Storytelling: offered at Khan Academy. Fleshscape (aff): beautiful PDF for survival gaming inspired by the “Powered-by-the-Apocalypse”-engine. Beyond the Wall - Hearths and Homes: free supplement for BtW. It offers a new scenario with lots of replayability potential, a new character playbook, and a threat pack. PLANE SHIFT: KALADESH: a free setting book for D&D 5e, based on the Magic universe.

P.S. The review for Low Fantasy Gaming is almost done. I will post it on Monday.