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David Schirduan shares resources for Awesome Free Music on the Internet. Billy Dolan created more RPG Tracks. They are free (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License). And here is Some Free Music for Your SciFi/Cyberpunk/Retrofuture RPGs. The album is also available on Bandcamp.

OSR and D&D

Hobbs & Friends of the OSR Bonus Issue 1 is PWYW. The zine is a companion to one of my favorite podcasts: Hobbs & Friends of the OSR. The Ramanan Sivaranjan Awards for Excellence in Gaming 2017 highlights great products from the last year. There is a style of game play called West Marches. It’s episodic campaign driven by the players. That sounds very interesting. On Reddit, someone asked about West Marches pitfalls?. This is an archived post but still worth a look. Rob Conley finished his final draft of the free Basic Rules Majestic Fantasy RPG. It is a house rules document for OD&D with some tweaks, e.g. new classes. Matthew Colville - who has a popular youtube channel about D&D - did an AMA on reddit.

Dungeon World

I was looking for simpler versions of DW after I saw what Joe Banner did with DW Lite. Yochai Gal recommended Simple DW. It has the same core rules but simplified classes. Each class fits on one page.
And another hack is Dungeons RPG by Dustin Flesher. More news is available at the Dungeon World Newsletter #9.

Crowdfunding, Story Games, Game Design, Misc.

Scarlet Wake is a slick looking competitive story game with no Game Master. Pay What You Want. Check it out.
Crowdfunding Collection #48 by Teylen. Johnstone Metzger put out a draft of his Blades in the Dark hack Replican or Lesbian. It’s a dystopian future setting. And here are some Generators for Blades in the Dark. And a Twitter Bot With Randomized Heist Ideas, too. Alex Yari made a D100 Markov Generated List of Random Dungeon Ambience Descriptions:

I play solo, so I intend to use these to seed some of the ambiance before I generate the actual room/corridor/etc so that the two don’t clash or contradict. It’s going to give the dungeon more of a fun-house feeling.

I’m not sure if it is for you. But if you need a multi-user online dice roller, Shane Liebling got you covered: Roll For Your Party. And Don’t underestimate the quality of print on demand books! contains interesting insights into self-publishing. I also like Tina Trillitzsch’s Weekly Indie RPG & Storygame Review Week 30, 2017. There are an interesting article about Dungeon World prep and some other cool PtbA bits. Thorsten, a fellow blogger with interest in story games, mentioned this blog as “one of three remarkable blogs by women in the RPG scene” (in German): OSR, Storygames und Crowdfunding: Drei bemerkenswerte Frauen der Rollenspielszene. THANK YOU.

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