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13 Apr 2017

Friday Grab Bag: Karfreitag Edition

Solo Role-playing

Mike Overbo has released a new version of ranDM solo, the solo app that runs in your browser. It has new solo engines and a “prep blog post” feature. The awesome Android app Adventuresmith now has solo engines! Adventuresmith is free and open-source! It has Zach Best’s CRGE, a Mythic Fate Chart and my own Tiny Universal. Paul Badowski outlines a way to create a hex map with Rory’s Story Cubes. This should work in solo play, too.

Dungeon World

Brian Holland has made another one-page sheet for DW: How to GM Dungeon World. Do you like it when news come to your email inbox? Then sign up for the Dungeon World Newsletter by Colin Kierans. You can submit stuff with this Google form. Sestre Penitentiary: An Adventure Starter for Dungeon World, PWYW (aff).

Horrible things were done to the inmates of Sestre Penitentiary to satisfy the twisted desires of the wardens. The village of Umoran was relieved when it finally closed and they no longer had to listen to the horrible screams carried on the wind. For 60 years it sat silent, but in recent months people have begun to disappear, and folks say they’ve seen strange shapes moving in the windows.

Tunnels & Trolls

Tunnels & Trolls For Free Via Old Game Manuals. There is blog post series about T&T 1st Edition at Save Versus All Wands. You can get the PDF for $1.95 here (aff).


There is a short interesting G+ post by Norbert Matausch about Theatrix.

The Matrix

Here is a free D20 Modern Supplement: D20 - The Matrix: Only Human.

Swords & Wizardry Light

Get free PDF character cards. They look beautiful. Here is my review of SW Light.


This sounds interesting: Swordfish Islands: Hexcrawl Adventures on Hot Springs Island: A high fantasy sandbox adventure setting for use with any table top role playing game. 18 days to go.

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The print books look beautiful and they are expensive. Only for US backers. I’m on the fence for the PDFs. I have so much gaming material that I don’t use anyway. So I’m not sure if I need more. Ben Milton has a Youtube review about The Lapis Observatory which is part of the setting:

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