I play Dungeon World solo with a published adventure. At the start of the adventure, the GM should ask some questions. In solo play, I do that, too. Sometimes I use my solo tool (Adventuresmith, see below) to shake it up a little. Sometimes I just make stuff up.

Kheluz-Gund, the Dwarven Convoy

Built by the dwarves long ago, the Kheluz-Gund is a transport – a towering convoy of earth elementals. You were hired to ride the convoy and guard a particular piece of cargo. Right now, you and the cargo are secured in the middle carriage. The other passengers are going about their business while outside you hear the dull booms of the elementals on their passage through the deep dark…





Where does the line end?

[roll 1d4] It doesn’t - it’s a circular route around the greatest dwarf enclaves.

Are the earth elementals enslaved or willing?

They are enslaved with ancient magic devices and mithril nails. Nobody knows how these works exactly. The dwarves can use the machinery to steer the elementals but if something breaks down they can’t repair it.

How do you get from one cabin to another? Something as crude as rope bridges, or a technological/magic solution? Are you (as passengers) supposed to leave your cabins mid-ride?

Magical light beam bridges connect the cabins. You can use them mid-ride

Who has organized this gig against better judgment?


If you organized this gig……The cargo is a heavy locked chest (5 weight) lashed securely and sealed with expensive locks. Why did you take the job, against your better judgment? Who is the client? Who’s waiting for the cargo at the end of the line?

Rook took the job because he owes [a feared necromancer] a debt. The necromancer wants what is inside the chest. Waiting at the end of the line is [a bon-vivant thief], Rook’s nemesis.

Question for the Thief: What’s the easiest way to the (your choice) cargo cabin/guard’s room/dining cart? What risk does this easy route involve?

The easiest way to the cargo cabin is via teleporter rune. But the rune is in the guard’s room!

Whose ticket is missing?


If your ticket’s missing……When did you realize it was gone? The burly dwarf conductor is checking the ticket of someone you saw earlier… someone who, now you think about it, bumped into you “by accident” earlier. [GM - roll randomly on the table below.] The person is handing “their” ticket to the inspector right now. What do you do?

Rubi Kickskirts, a dangerously sexy woman spoiling for a good fight has probably stolen the ticket. Hawke stands up to confront the woman.

Question for the Fighter: The convoy is a difficult target to raid, but not impossible. Where’s the most likely place on the route for an ambush?

There is a narrow passage called the Chasm of the Gargantuan. A massive stone bridge spans this ravine. And it is full of small caves. You can use the bridge and the caves to your advantage if you want to raid the convoy.

Who noticed the Shrikebats?


If you just heard the Shrikebats……You’re the first to notice a furred, man-sized shadow sweep past the window. Shrikebats usually keep a wide berth of these convoys - what might be drawing them closer? You hear a thump from on top of the carriage, just above your seat. What do you do?

Siggrun pulls Hawke’s ragged sleeve. “Wait a minute, friend. Did you hear that? I think the Shrikebats are attacking!”

Question for the Cleric: Under or through which god’s domain does the convoy pass? Where (which location, or which part of their runes) are the dwarves’ defenses against the god’s wrath most vulnerable?

[Burhys the Hollow Eater of Fortune]. The dwarves’ defenses are most vulnerable at the magical light beam bridges. The dwarves employ some guards that know how to secure the bridges.

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