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20 Jan 2016

2016 - the State of the Blog

Dear readers, I just want to let you know that the blog is a bit slow going at the moment.
For 2016, there are some personal changes for me ahead which don’t allow for so much free time to spend on my RPG hobby.
Perhaps you’ve already noticed that the post frequency has gone down. At the moment, I’m focussed on learning to code. As a beginner, this is really difficult for me as it requires a completely different skillset. It can be very frustrating but I’m putting my hard hat on.
Additionally, there is a new baby coming (soon!), so sleepless nights are guaranteed… I have some stuff and some ideas for the blog on the backburner, for example reviews of Castle Gargantua (aff) and Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls (aff).
Both look very promising from a first screening. So, thanks for reading the blog!